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Welcome to the brand new website of Navarro Law Firm from San Diego, California. Raymond J. Navarro offers 25 years of experience in California Workers’ Comp law. Raymond’s experienced legal guidance has helped many succeed in receiving their maximum workers comp benefits.

Mr. Navarro ensures that every possible effort is made to empower his clients to reach maximum recovery from their injuries – medically and financially. As a specialized work injury attorney, he takes the necessary steps so you, or somebody you know, can adequately provide for family and loved ones.

After your Free Consultation you’ll open your case with the firm. From day one, Mr. Navarro will fight for your necessary medical care, compensation for lost wages, permanent disability compensation, future medical treatment, and even vocational rehabilitation services that can assure a pre-injury standard of living.

Navarro Law Firm is dedicated to a clients’ medical and financial recovery by listening and carrying out the process with experienced fortitude.

Remember, workers have rights! Navarro Law Firm can help you protect them.